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About the Organization

The New England Bus Association was first organized in 1925 and adopted its first formal By-Laws in February, 1937. The objects and purposes of this association are:

(a) To provide an economic means for the interchange of information and exchange of views with regard to the several phases of motor carrier operation other than rates, routes or fares.

(b) The promotion of economy in the publication and dissemination of information to its members and the public.

(c) To assist, when deemed necessary or advisable, members in the avocation of enactment of uniform, just and proper laws and regulatory bodies’ rules and regulations governing any phase of passenger motor carrier operation.

The NEBA Scholarship Award Program

 This Scholarship Program has been established to benefit NEBA member employees and their dependents. The continued goal of this scholarship program will be to recognize the importance of education and to encourage the growth of students entering into, or continuing career advancement in motorcoach commerce and its related industries.

The Offcers and Board of Directors appreciate your continued fellowship and support of the New England Bus Association. All NEBA members are encouraged to forward this application announcement to their employees to apply for the scholarship award.